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Cashen's Quality Home Improvements, Inc.

Specializing in fiberglass and wood door staining

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is a stained fiberglass door different in appearance from a painted fiberglass door?
A: A stained, textured fiberglass door simulates the appearance of natural wood-grain. A painted, textured fiberglass door results in a smooth look of painted wood. Textured fiberglass doors can be stained or painted; however, smooth fiberglass doors can only be painted.  

Q: What is the usual process for staining a fiberglass door?
A: Before staining a fiberglass door, the flooring, glass inserts, and adjacent areas need to be masked off with masking tape and paper for protection. All weatherstripping and lock sets are removed and the door is thoroughly cleaned. The majority of the stain is applied and removed with a cotton cloth. A brush is used to apply stain in tight crevices. The stained door is then allowed to dry for 16-24 hours. After drying, at least 2 protective clear coats are applied.The total process takes approximately one and a half to two days.